A new facility has appeared at the “Snegorka” sports and entertainment resort in Magadan.


A new facility has appeared at the “Snegorka” sports and entertainment resort in Magadan.

Peter Golubovsky, the development Director of Mag-sea international Co., ltd spoke about its’ intended purpose.

Mag-sea international Co., ltd the leader of the fishing industry for 15 years in Kolyma region (The General Director is Mikhail Kotov), continues to develop its social project — the all-season sports and entertainment resort “Snegorka”, with care for citizens and guests of Magadan city.

In this upcoming new mountain skiing season, fishermen will delight the visitors of “Snegorka” with a new unusual, large and multifunctional object.

This is pneumatic-frame construction with 9 meters of high and whole area of 24×18 meters. It is so spacious inside that you can play not only tennis or badminton, but also volleyball and basketball. Or, for example, arrange a dance floor with a noisy party.

Why not? There are no residential areas nearby, the ski resort is located in the forest. And even in furious cold weather it will not be cold inside, because the walls of this construction consist of cylinders with a diameter of 1.5 m. Try to freeze such an air cavity!

«A similar design of construction from the same manufacturer from St. Petersburg was successfully tested in Yamal, where winters are colder than here,» explains Peter Golubovsky, the development Director of MAG-sea international Co., ltd — It has the ability to withstand frost up to -50 ℃ and wind up to 50 m/s. In addition, for the winter season, the room is equipped with heaters and additionally insulate the entrance of the building. By the way, we brought the first pneumatic frame structure of this class to the Far East of Russia».

According to the head, preparatory works for the construction installation took a year. First, the employees of “Snegorka” identified a place on the territory of the resort, chose all the heaving aqueous soil, and filled it with dry. Last autumn, a reinforced concrete platform was  made, and this summer it was covered with traumatic rubber crumb.

It will take no more than a month to complete the construction, says the development Director, so by the mountain skiing season beginning it will definitely be put into service.

What will be placed in it?

“It will depend on the wishes of our guests,” says Pyotr Golubovsky. — Premises are for multipurpose cultural and sports events. First of all, there is a fully-featured tennis court, the fourth in succession in our city, moreover it’s warm and covered all seasons court.

Secondly, this premises can be used for any kind of team sports games. And even as a rink or skate area.

Here you can hold a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities, family celebrations – ideal solution for those who do not like to sit at tables. We also planning to organize here the exhibitions of our wonderful craftsmen — bone carvers, and artists. Perhaps we’ll start with that” — he said in conclusion.

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