About us

Companies under the trademark «Sea Wolf» hold leading positions as the second largest industry of our region. Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd. are leaders in fish catching and aquatic bioresources processing. Thousands of people successfully and consistently work for their teams, providing their families with seafood and continuing to follow the labor traditions of the Magadan Region. These companies make a significant contribution to the regional budget formation. The regional authorities highly appreciate it, and try to create favorable conditions for the development of the fishing industry in general and, for the «Sea Wolf» enterprise, in particular. These companies in charitable projects on a regular basis. Their projects provide a constant concern for the most vulnerable population segments of the region. Every year the group of companies provides veterans, invalids, low-income citizens with free fresh fish and seafood. Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. provides students of higher education institutions with personal grants. They also provide real assistance and support to our fellow citizens who are in desperate situations. Nowadays «Sea Wolf» enterprise is one of the best industrial complexes, which honorably represents our Magadan region. The company Tikhrybcom Group engages in selling fish and seafood from Magadan to Moscow and the Western parts of the Russian Federation.