Products, produced by Magadan fishermen, were successfully presented at the Days of the Far East in Moscow city.


Products produced by Magadan fishermen represent Kolyma region at the «Days of the Far East». Days of the Far East will be held in Moscow from December 2 to December 14 for the third time. This significant federal project, including different types of exhibitions, cultural and business events, introduces all residents of Moscow city and its guests with specific features of Russia’s eastern regions, their traditions, tourist, economic potential and with regional gastronomic cuisine. Kolyma region at the Days of Far East is traditionally represented by the enterprises of the Magadan Association of Fisheries — Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd., Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd. and Magadanryba.

A lot of people visited restaurant chalets and zones under the brand “Magadan seafood” and got a taste of dishes and delights cooked by professional chefs on site according to their original recipes: corn soup with opilio crab, salmon magburger, sandwich with herring, shrimp rolls and tom-yum sauce, julienne with Grey mussels, combed Botan shrimp in teriyaki sauce with tomatoes, scallop kebabs. At the festival, which will be held as part of the Days of the Far East on December 12-14 at the Expocenter, all participants will have a chance to receive chef’s master class on whelk cooking, taste hot Magadan seafood dishes, as well as buy fresh-frozen products delivered to Moscow city from fishing vessels directly, and fish preserves produced by “Tandem” factory.

President of the Magadan Association of Fishermen Mikhail Kotov explains that the Far Eastern seafood popularity among Russians stemmed from the fact that these products have high quality up to the world standards. He said that the primary benefit was that all products offered for sale are produced of 100% raw and fresh products which were not grown in artificial conditions, but have caught in waters of the Okhotsk, Bering and other Far Eastern seas.” Mikhail Kotov said that Magadan enterprises produced natural, envirosafe and useful fish products which were also extremely delicious. Most of residents of Moscow city and guests of the capital have already managed to appreciate these products and not only at the Days of the Far East. Over the past six months, the Association’s enterprises have taken part in more than 20 gastronomic festivals and fairs, including the Stolypin Forum at MGIMO, “WorldFood Moscow”, “Reebok Fest”, “Fish Week” on Revolution Square, “Sabantuy-2019”, “Test of Moscow” festival at Luzhniki Olympic Complex, “GeekPicnik”, “Burger Fest”, “Flower Jam”, “Golden Autumn” festivals and etc. All participants proved itself and showed their best while exhibited products on their platforms and showrooms, all managers of festivals and customers expressed high appreciation of these events.


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