Mikhail Kotov: “Magadan fishing-industry enterprises continue to work”


Russian fisherman continues to provide Russians with fresh fish and seafood despite the difficult socio-economic situation caused by the spread of the Covid-19. More than 100 thousand employees work at enterprises, 260 vessels fish at sea, including those assigned to the port of Magadan.

Mikhail Kotov, the President of the Magadan Fishermen’s Association, General Director of “Pacific Fishery Company”, and “Mag-Sea International” says «Our crews are successfully completing the pollock fishing season. “We expect to fully implement the allocated quota by April 10”.

According to Director, the vessels’ crews are making final preparations for the crab and whelk fishery which will begin by the end of the month. Preparations for salmon fishing season are also under way.

Processing production doesn’t stop. Moreover, the plant “Tandem” has increased its production volume so that people of Kolyma should not worry about possible food shortages.

The plant “Gadlya” is operating in strengthened mode with strict observance of safety precautions and sanitary standards, — Mikhail Kotov emphasizes. – “High-quality, useful and 100% safe products are regularly supplied to Magadan retail chains, regions and other regions of the country. Overall, 80% of all Russian fishery production goes to the domestic market”.

Magadan fishermen have not stopped thinking about tomorrow. On March 27, at the Khabarovsk shipbuilding yard, the keels of two crabbers of Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd were laid in the presence of representatives of Rosreestr. Once the quarantine regime has been lifted, the Far Eastern shipbuilders will begin work on the construction of hulls.

Taking into account the unusual situation, Magadan fishermen provide additional assistance to veterans, disabled people, and elderly people.

“We understand all the responsibilities in this difficult period and fulfill our professional duty to ensure the food security of our compatriots — says the President of the Association. — We cannot afford to sit in isolation, especially since the industry belongs to agriculture, we have a continuous cycle of production that cannot be stopped.

Yes, we have temporarily closed the sports — entertainment complex “Snegorka” and restaurants, and have moved support staff to distance working. However, despite everything, the fleet and the fish processing industry continue to work.

We support the efforts of the state government to contain the epidemic and hope that the Government will find ways to support the business that has been placed today in such difficult survival conditions.

Together we will overcome. Good health to all!” — Mikhail Kotov wished.

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