Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. celebrates 25th Anniversary of its fish processing plant “Tandem”


Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. greeted the staff of the fish processing plant “Tandem” on the 25th Anniversary on February 21st , 2020.

A quarter of a century ago a group of young people with their own aspirations, plans, hopes and dreams for the future made up their mind to get up and running its own processing plant in Gadlya village (in 40 kilometers from Magadan city). “A dilapidated building of the former dining room was fully reconstructed for the new fish processing plant. Actually, the whole village was almost ruined,” recalls Pеtr Golubovskiy, Development Director of Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. “They arranged premises cleaning, gradually extended room space, purchased modern equipment, hired employees (most of the them are Gadlya village residents) and launched fish production for the further development of the region fish market.”

A combination of different production methods used in fish processing plant operations were able to cover the need for quick and efficient producing of good-quality fish products. It is proved by the fact that the majority of Magadan residents leaving for vacations or business trips take fish products, produced by the fish processing plant “Tandem”, as a tasty gift for their friends, relatives and guests. Fish products produced in Magadan region are recognizable and loved far beyond its borders. Our fish products, produced at the plant, won the top individual awards of the prestigious domestic and international exhibitions, festivals, and forums. Salted and preserved fish products (mainly produced for domestic market in Magadan region) have become Grand Prize winners at the exhibition-competition of the Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg in 2018. Pink salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, herring, halibut, squid, whelk, pollock, laminaria and etc. — the plant produces up to five tons of finished products per day with an assortment of about two hundred items, and increases the number of items very year. Fish production was increased by 15 percent in 2019, shipments of seafood to the Russian regions were significantly increased.

“Our products are unrivalled in terms of quality and variety of products assortment!” said Viktor Kuzmin, the head of engineering and technical service of the fish processing plant “Tandem”. He has been working at the plant for more than 20 years, he is responsible for the technical part of production, which is mostly mechanized. The plant is equipped with modern and innovative machines and equipment — the company closely monitors the development of advanced technologies. Take, for instance, the acoustic freezing AEF (acouster). This is the ordinary freezer, but acoustic generators, are mounted in walls, provide quick and evenly freezing of the product. This process allows to maintain tissue integrity at the cellular level. The generation of acoustic vibrations of different frequencies sets individual freezing modes for various products: fish, meat, fresh vegetables, fruits and even ready-made dishes.

“Acoustic freezing AEF (acouster) is a milestone in freezing process and long-term storage of products to improve their nutritional composition without compromising on taste,” says Peter Golubovsky.  “We have ordered this machine straightaway, arranged a series of experiments to make sure that system is effective. Trout, which was frozen in acoustic freezing system a year and a half ago, is totally fresh, juicy, as if it was freshly caught fish! Neither oxidation traces, nor moisture loss and tissue destruction due to defrosting. Nowadays we are getting ready to launch this machine and put it into operation and production system.”

Professional and hardworking staff of the plant is the keystone to success. Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. highly appreciates and encourages responsible attitude of employees to business, devotion to profession and enterprise itself. On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the processing plant “Tandem” managers of the enterprise awarded senior employees with award commemorative medals and gifts. Managers remembered fondly those who stood at the origins of the processing plant “Tandem”. “We remember our reputable senior employees-veterans and always invite them to join in celebrating special occasions: Nina Ivanovna Markova, who recently celebrated her 75th birthday, Svetlana Alexandrovna Artyukhov, who left the region last year,” said Alexander Belichenko, First Deputy general director of Tikhrybсom Co., Ltd. “These people are first-class qualified specialists and they have worked at the plant since the day it was established. They made indispensable contribution to plant’s formation and development.”

Vladislav Sobolev, the director of the processing plant “Tandem” specified that one third of employees are young people under 35 years old. Managers of the company encourage and support them to improve and stimulate their desires to get better at whatever they do and at their trade. The company arrange training programs and pay employees’ tuition in universities so as to strengthen skills that each employee needs to improve. Training is crucial for organizational development and success.

Mikhail Kotov, the general director of Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. express gratitude and thanks to all employees of the processing plan “Tandem” for their dedicated work, responsibility and business creativity, and wishes them to have a good health and new professional achievements. “Our decision to establish fish processing plant in a small village, even by Kolyma standards, seemed to be pretty risky. It is a great pleasure to note that this idea proved a success. All employees deserve respect for the arrangement of plant’s stable operation and growth for a quarter century. Nowadays this fish processing plant is a socially significant facility providing all residents with fresh and high-quality seafood the whole year round and employs Gadlya and Ola village residents. All fishermen are socially responsible human beings. We always think and care about our citizens and the future of our region,” said Mikhail Kotov.

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