Mikhail Kotov and Ruslan Telenkov are elected to the Council of the All-Russian Association of Fisheries Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Exporters


Pre-election meeting of members of the AllRussian Association of Fisheries Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Exporters (VARPE) was held on February 7 in Moscow city. This Association is one of the largest public organization defending interests of fishing industry. All members of the Association — fishing enterprises of the Far East, Russian North and the Azov-Black Sea region — account for about 80% of the overall aquatic bioresources catch in the Russia Federation.

Representatives of the Federal Fisheries Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the State Duma, regional government bodies, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Fish Union and other public organizations and scientific institutions attended this pre-election meeting.

Mikhail Kotov, the president of the Magadan Fishery Association, the general director of Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd. stated the opinion that growing VARPE prestige and expansion of VARPE influence range was proved by this meeting.

He stated that over the past three years members of the Association could unite fishing communities, build a constructive dialogue with government officials, increase the scientific research funding. Not all but just a few problems and issues are solved with satisfied results for fishing enterprises, fishing industry, except for issues concerning new regulations for crab auctions and new regulations for the construction of fishing vessels at domestic shipyards.

Russian budget got about 145 billion rubles from auctions of about 50 percent of the crab’s shares, while industry losses, according to forecasts, will average out at over 600 billion in years ahead. Small companies which were not be able to purchase quotas at the auction will sell their vessels, make staff redundant. We do not succeed, we take step backwards.

Nowadays we do not see so great successes in investment quota programme (“keel quota” programme) implementation. Peter Savchuk, the first deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fishery specified that building of nine vessels on the Russian shipyard was considered to be positive result. But they should have built more than 9 over this period, about 60 vessels. Nowadays Russian shipbuilding industry is limited in resources for such scope of works and fishing enterprises should take a fall for mistakes of the state administration, penalties, and lack of experienced shipbuilders.

Nowadays, the whole world faced the threat of markets slump as soon as new coronavirus cases jump inside and outside China. Asian market is the largest consumer of seafood. China closed all borders, there is no products sales, prices on the world market drop rapidly, fishing enterprises meet with huge losses in their business. But in this case if the authorities of other countries, due to current situation, provide fishing companies with additional benefits to save fishing fleet, the Russian authorities do not even raise this issue for further discussions in our country.

“Most of members of the meeting voiced criticism and called on everyone to stand ground more actively, uncompromisingly,” stated Mikhail Kotov, “However, I completely support the position of the president of the Association, German Zverev: We Need a Dialogue.”

Nowadays fishing enterprises have to keep on convincing the President of the Russian Federation and government officials of the rightness of their arguments in spite of fishing business’s defamation in the social mass media. And in spite of difficulties these fishing enterprises still keep on feeding the world’s growing population and ensure food security for the country.

During VARPE election, German Zverev was unanimously re-elected president of the AllRussian Association of Fisheries EnterprisesEntrepreneurs and Exporters for a new three-year period. A nine-member VARPE Council was also elected. Two members of this Council represent the Magadan Region: Mikhail Kotov, the general director of Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd. and Ruslan Telenkov, the general director of Magadanryba, LLC.

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