Medical reusable masks, glasses, gloves, and disinfectants. Tikhrybkom Co., Ltd handed over protective equipment for Magadan health care professionals.


Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd. supported health care professionals of Magadan handing them over much-needed medical devices for personal protection and disinfectants on the initiative of General Director Mikhail Kotov.

 There were 100 medical reusable masks, each of them replaces 25 typical masks, 200 eye mucosa protection special glasses, 200 pairs of gloves, disinfectant gels and sprays.

 «All products are certified, with fine-quality, — explained Peter Golubovsky, the Development Director of Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd – of course, we wished we could provide with more goods, but this is all that we were able to carry outwards from South Korea before the Korean authorities prohibited the export of such goods from the country due to the epidemic situation.

“The cargo was delivered by our ship to Vladivostok, and then by plane to Magadan. Here we handed it over to the regional Ministry of health, which will independently distribute the protective equipment to medical institutions that are on the «front line» in the fight against coronavirus now. Fishermen convey deep gratitude to all employees of these institutions and give them moral support, » — said Peter Golubovsky.

  Also it’s worth reminding that, last week the Pacific Fishery Company handed a batch of medical masks over to the regional social service center.

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