“There are war heroes in every family. Let’s pay tribute to their memory today!”. The Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd congratulate Kolyma inhabitants on Victory Day.


Mikhail Kotov, General Director of the Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd, and Peter Golubovsky, the Development Director of Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd, congratulate the Great Patriotic War veterans, homefront workers and all Kolyma inhabitants on the anniversary Victory day:

“Dear veterans, front-line soldiers, homefront workers, and war children!

Dear compatriots!

The 9th of May is a truly national holiday, for all times, for all generations of Russians. Day of pride, joy and sorrow. Day of bright memory of those who did not return home, and those who have already left a peaceful life, forwardly looking the death in the eye on the battlefields or worked hard in the homefront, and then helped the country to rise from the ruins and ashes.

There are Heroes of the hardest war, the equal of which history has never known, in every family. Let’s pay tribute to their cherished memory today! And give a deep bow to those who are still with us!

Their bravery, courage, power, patience and belief in the rightful cause move us forward to become better, stronger and continue to unite the people, going through thick and thin.

Dear veterans! Wish you good health and high spirits, love of your nearest and dearests’ and let blue sky be above the Earth!

Dear compatriots, happy Victory Day! Peace and goodness to every family, and confidence in the future!

from the Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd teams,

the General Director Mikhail Kotov,

the Development Director Peter Golubovsky”.

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