Happy Birthday!


On the 21st of May, Mikhail Nikolaevich Kotov, General Director of Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co. Ltd. celebrates his birthday.

Dear Mikhail Nikolaevich!

We sincerely wishing you the best of celebrations on this wonderful day of yours!

Each of us is happy and proud to be the part of your large and professional team engaged in day-to-day operations, new projects, and company-wide goals such as providing food security for Russian citizens and domestic fishing industry developing.

Your attitude to business developing and sincere concern for the employees makes everyone to fulfill their job obligations in good faith.

We’re so lucky and blessed to have such a Professional Leader of our team. Your enthusiasm and kindness are deeply appreciated by all of us.

Our whole team is wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Wishing you and your family the best in health, happiness, success in all your endeavors, inexhaustible energy and optimism. And following our maritime tradition, we wish you “Fair seas and following winds”, may you always have a hand’s width of water under your keel.


The team of Pacific Fishery Company Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd.

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