«We are optimistic about the current situation, the COVID19 will not prevent us from reaching our goals”. Mikhail Kotov shared his views concerning salmon fishing season — 2020 in the Magadan region.


The total allowed catch volume is 9.5 thousand tons. One month was left until the commencement of the salmon fishing season in the Magadan region.

The issue concerning salmon fishing season was discussed by members of the first session commission under the regional government for regulation of anadromous fish producing.  Representatives of regulatory bodies and fishing companies are also attended this commission.

Mikhail Kotov, President of the Magadan Association of Fishermen, General Director of Tikhrybcom Co., Ltd. and Mag-Sea International Co., Ltd. told about final decisions taken by the commission on May 20, as well as his own ideas salmon fishing season.

“We have distributed the amount of salmon fish allowed for catching — 9.5 thousand tons. About 600 tons of fish were allocated to representatives of small indigenous minorities of the North and reindeer herders at the rate of 100 kg per person. 400 tons of fish were allocated for marine recreational fishing — the same as in 2019. 17 organizations will take up fishing issues. There will be 9 organizations at the divisions of the Federal Agency for Fishery, 7 organizations will be at the hunters and fishermen organization, 1 organization will be at the private enterprise “Pechora”. We have immediately decided on the cost of the permit and the amount of fish that can be caught in this case, so that there are no any disadvantages for catchers and uncertainty concerning licensed areas hours. 8.5 thousand tons allocated for industrial catch will be distributed among enterprises at the next session commission.”

Mikhail Kotov emphasized that quotas would be primarily provided to enterprises registered in the region, which have their own processing facilities and follow all the necessary requirements of the tax authorities as soon as salmon fishing season is over. More than 60 enterprises wish to participate in salmon fishing season.

“We believe that salmon fishing is promising and weather will not let us down. We hope for the same amount of salmon as it was in 2019, but practice shows that the amount can be increased during the fishing process. We have sufficient bioresources. Although incidents poaching, unfortunately, still occur.” Mikhail Kotov hopes.

The President of the Association confirmed that COVID19 coronavirus quarantine measures will make certain but not critical modifications and adjustments to the upcoming season.

“The Governor has made the right decision not to self-isolate for 2 weeks everyone without exception who arrived in the region for salmon fishing season,” says Mikhail Kotov. “Test for COVID19 infection is an essential requirement. If test results are negative, employees can get started work immediately. Of course, this make sense: most of our fishing areas are located far away from residential areas, it takes time to deliver provisions there, employees, and provide all the necessary bases there.”

Mikhail Kotov noted that due to COVID19 situation, most of Magadan residents had made a decision to cancel their vacations this year and there were more people wishing to employee on salmon fishing season and earn good money — we welcome this! Nevertheless, the local labor market does not have sufficient specialists in refrigeration units, power engineers, mechanics, and drivers, that is why we have to find and invite new specialists and employees.

“We hope that fishing enterprises will reasonably assess the situation and will ensure that reasonable precautions are taken to protect employees: wearing masks and gloves, keeping distance from people during pandemic, daily medical examinations, and salmon fishing season will succeed for everyone,” Mikhail Kotov hopes.

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